Monday, May 24, 2010

What kind of puppy do you think she is?

I know what she is, but I want to know what everyone else thinks!
VERY cute! She does look to have lab and pit in her with maybe slight dane qualities-I'd have to see the feet on the dane part though. I will say she is the cutest thing though and you should be very proud.
IT IS SO CUTE! I have no idea what it is though.
a black lab
Lab and pit bull mix
Looks like she could be either lab/great dane or some type of Pitbull mix.

Cute dog!
is so cutr looks likes s labs
Looks like a sweet little pit bull puppy.

Might be a mix, but looks like a pit.
lab and pitbull
Lab mix.

You just want to show off your puppy!! She's cute.
my friend has the SAME dog!:)
she is a black lab/boxer mix
am i right or am i right?
ps-if i got it know wanna chose me as a best answer?:)
lol good luck with your dog!
shes beautiful
is she great dane and sheppard? that is what she looks like to me .
shar pei and border collie
its a mutt... nothing wrong with mutts .. they make the best dogs
She looks like she's a kind of English Bulldog, she's a friggen cutey!
wow, I would have guessed pit, but now, I think boxer and mutt
a border collie mix? like a hound or heeler?

What kind of puppy do I have?

I adopted a puppy from a shelter. She is sooooo cute! But, noone can tell us what she is, not even 3 vets! How the heck do we find out? Do we have to wait until she is grown? We have been told anything from a puggle to an English Mastiff! Now come on...THAT'S a stretch! We have been looking on a lot of sites, and she most resembles a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Who can I go to so I can find out for sure! It doesn't really matter to us because she is our precious baby, we are just very curious.
Unfortunately, you'll never know for sure. There is no genetic test for breeds, so all you can do is guess by looking at her features. Asking a few vets or dog trainers, people who see different breeds regularly and are familiar with their features, may help. The only useful bit of information breed would give you is approximate full-grown size, which you may already have some idea of. Just have fun with her!
There's really no way of knowing if it's a dog with unknown parentage. She could be a Heinz 57 - a total mutt.

Just enjoy her and love her regardless of what breed she is.
You answered your own question, Do you love her? Then I guess it really doesn't matter does it.
I would try to get a vet to get blood from her and match it to other purebread dogs blood. And then see what kind of purebread or mix it is. Good luck. Also why do u want to know? As long as u love and care for ur cute puppy who cares.
You have done the best you can by finding the breed she most resembles. People will always ask you, like they need to put a label on everything.

I have an 11 year old mixed breed, probably golden retreiver/chow mix from her looks and temperament. It has never mattered to me, but when I have her out in public, I get asked all the time. Once a man said "What is it?" and I said "A girl." He laughed and said that wasn't what he meant so I told him she was a dog.
i have the same problem.i got a 7 month old puppy "Simba" i have been told lab mix, pit mix, shephard mix, rottie one vet said that he thinks lab's in there but what else he doesn't know.some times i wonder what he is but i just am thankful that i saved him and that he is a SUPER smart dog...

What kind of pills are better for a dog with allergies?

Benadryl or Atarax .What one works better I am trying out the atarax first but if that dont work for my dog.I will go with benadryl.My vet gave me the atarax and it cost more alot more.What one works better for you?
My vet told me Benadryl is safe to use. (I haven't used it on my dog though.)
I have known of alot of dogs using Benadryl, it will make them pee alot and not be able to hold it though.

What kind of pet food would you have to buy for Golden Retrievers?

I wouldn't have to but I would prefer to buy Canidae.
No corn or wheat (empty fillers and not good for dogs as they cause allergies)
No wheat gluten or rice protein (cause of all the recent recalls)
Made with human grade indgredients from US suppliers.
Certain dog food such as Iams or One.
The same kind of food you should purchase for any other breed - a QUALITY food free of artificial coloring and useless fillers such as wheat and corn.

Quality brands that you can get at the pet store are Nutro, Nutro Ultra, Natural Balance, and Blue Buffalo. If you have a feed store or holistic food store, they may carry Innova Evo, California Naturals, Wellness, or Canidae, which are all excellent foods made from human-grade ingredients.

You can learn more about dog nutrition from the Dog Food Project website at

Keep away from commercial brands that are full of unnecessary (and often harmful) ingredients such as Iams, Beneful, Purina, Ol'Roy, Eukanuba, etc.
anything but iams---iams kills!----purina one is what my lab eats :)
What to avoid in your pet鈥檚 food


鈥rains (soy, corn, wheat, corn gluten or wheat gluten)

鈥hemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, ethoxoquin)

鈥efined sugar, artificial sweeteners

鈥rtificial colors
the main thing is that you want a good, quality food. Typically, the cheap stuff is NOT the type you're looking for. Always look for a dog food where the first ingredient is MEAT (poultry, lamb, etc) and not a by product or meal, which can include feet, beaks, fur, feathers, etc.

My pets love Wellness brand. Totally organic, and pretty darned expensive. Since i'm not rich and i have quite a few animals, i feed Purina One Chicken and Rice. It's fairly affordable, my pets love it, and the nutrition label is pretty good considering the affordable alternatives. Talk to your vet, and he'll give you some ideas. I'm not big on the Science Diet brand myself, but those are decisions you need to make for yourself. Learn what the words on the labels mean, and you'll be doing your dog an amazing favor.
You wouldn't HAVE to buy anything...
but I do recommend Life's Abundance..

you can buy it at

It's human-grade, no by-products or scary chemicals...and my dog loves it!
bakers all in one mix its dried food but has all the vitimins calcium and all the natural things a dog needs,,,,,,,,,,,,
The best kind of pet food you can buy is Canidae. With all of the recalls, I did alot of research and actually called the company. They only use human grade ingredients, meaning they are safe for humans to eat. Canidae actually has their own factory who produces their food and there has never been any recall. And all of their ingredients come only from the United States. AND, Contrary to popular belief, chicken meal has more protein in it than regular chicken. It is NOT made of beaks and feet, only quality meat. There is only 7% protein in chicken and 25% protein in the chicken meal. The chicken is all moisture. The Canidae site explains better what the difference is. You'll have to locate the correct tab, but it is in there. Here is their website:
I hope this helps!
mine eats tescos value as it is the only food his bowel can cope with as he does have varios stomach and bowel problems anything else doesnt do him any good medically

What kind of markings should a black and white Boston Terrier have???

Are they more expensive when they have a strip of white down the middle of their face??
Look at the pic of my female BT?? Does she have some type of deffect ?? I still think she is gorgeous!!
Wow! She is Adorable!! I love her ears... I don't really know about the breed standards, but she certainly is cute!!

If you are wondering about it you can always check out or to find the breed standard, and to look at other pictures of Boston Terriers.
What kissable lips you have, my dear . . . Don't know much about dogs except chihuahuas . . . sorry.

What kind of floor put on dog kennel?

My dog loves to chew so I need to find a floor to put under his kennel that is 40" X 80" that he cannot chew apart. Any ideas and where I could find something like that? I thought about a very thick plastic as he would tear up wood and he does not like chewing plastic.
I can't believe nobody suggested this... Dig the dirt out a little, and fill with sand/gravel. Then cover the whole thing with plastic decking. They sell it everywhere, but you could find it online with a simple google search or at your local hardware stores...
that's just a picture, but this works great in dog kennels. It keeps your dog mud-free and becuse of the gravel, it will provide excellent drainage... you can just hose it out!!
Good luck!
half wooden half carpet. To sleep and to play.
Metal crate pan.
Lay tile there. I think anything else can be eaten. I lost a linoleum floor once, and another dog ate the plastic crate pan in a matter of hours. If you want it to be removable lay it on a piece of plywood. I am sure you can find tile scraps free and it would last forever and be really cheap.
try a wood that has the size of it.

What kind of dogs is similar to this description?

i have to have a female dog it has to stay small full grown and it cant have alot of hair it has to have short hair and not shed alot.that cost under 200 dollars(i'm helping a friend)
Poodles they're really good with grandma use to have one that I loaded everywhere with me when I was little, she never would bite or anything, but they're not short hair, they do require grooming. I realize this is a big dog but they're golden retrievers are so good with kids and typically not too costly. If your having trouble then I know my mom did a google search for the dog for me, where she took a survery of what she wanted from a dog, and they told you what kind was best for you.
teacup chihuahua
Go to a shelter and find a dog that fits the bill -- and more importantly, that your friend LIKES. It will cost under $200 to adopt this dog.

Good luck.
Miniature Pinscher
A miniture poodle or a toy poodle depending on how small you want her to be, a peek a poo or even a chiauaua but better swtill go to an animal shelter and look at the dogs. The shelter staff can tell you which will probably stay small. There will probably be some toy poodle mixes for example and you will be spending under $100 and saving a pup or adult dog's life.
poodles don't shed...they are small and you may find one for that price somewhere. Pounds sometimes have poodles.
You can get a high quality stuffed animal that doesn't shed much..
You could try to find an Italian greyhound for 200.00, but get it health checked because it is very unusual to find one for anywhere near that price.
Chinese Crested (twice this dog breed had members voted as world's ugliest dog) Unusual looking, not easy to find, and costly in most cases.
Mexican Hairless Chihuahua- very tiny, you might find one this price in Texas, but they are not actually hairless, just very very short short hair.
You could get a very high quality stuffed animal for that price and it won't shed and could be good for a person with allergies.
Go to the pound or look in the paper, you dont have to spend alot to have a good dog and it doesnt have to be a purebred.
We have two min pins and they are great dogs but I really dont think mine would tolerate small children well so the person who suggested them needs to let you know if they have one.
We also have a mixed breed that is a wonderful dog. Look around you can find great dogs with no fee just be sure they are healthy and have never been abused.
Depending on where you live you can get the perfect dog. A Jack Russell or any of the Terrier breeds would be perfect. If you live in a rural or country area, you can probably find one if you look on the horse or cattle farms.

If your in the city...
I get the feeling your friend is not a Poodle kind of person, but if so ...that would also be a great choice. But they can get really expensive.
Don't go with anything that has "teacup" in the name. Most of the time these dogs have major problems down the road like death! They are too small. Anything that is worth $200 is going to have bigger vet bills. If you need a cheap dog go to the pound. Other wise, shih tzu with puppy cut or maltese are good. Chihuahuas are NOT good with kids becuase they are so small. Poodles are good and they don't shed. Puggles are really cool. Hope this helps!
get a dog that will not be aggressive to the child. some kids will play rough with a dog, at 2 they don't understand their strength when playing with a dog. peeks are good with kids, but they have lots of hair. jack russels are good dogs, they have very little hair and can be love able if roughed up by a 2 year old. poodles and Chihuahuas will bit if they don't like people. especially a Chihuahua, they can be very moody as they get old. good luck in your search.